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Income Statement
Evaluating a Company's Performance

The main statement that a company reports to public shareholder for analysis. Analyze how well a company has performed

compared to previous years and the expectations of the company in future years.

Revenue & COGS Breakout

Dig down into the revenue line items of a company and the expenses with the production

Normalizing Adjustemnts

Learn what items should be added back to the income statement by an analyst to make each year's figures"apples-to-apples"

Diluted Shares

Diluted shares will take into consideration the convertible debt,_warrants and any shares that could dilute the earnings. We will teach you where to look and how to calculate diluted shares & diuted EPS (Earnings Per Share)


Use various ratios to evaluate what trends are important in understanding the historical numbers to create future projections associated with a company's income statement

Cash Flow Statement

Learn About a Company's Sources and Uses of Cash

Understand how much money a company is actually making each quarter and year by breaking down Cash Flow from Operations, Cash Flow from Investing and Cash Flow from Financing.

  • Cash Flow from Operations
  • Cash Flow from Investing
  • Cash Flow from Financing
  • How Does the Cash Flow Statement Interact With the Income Statement and Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet

Snapshot of Company At a Period of Time

Get the balance sheet to balance. One of the most complicated things about making a model dynamic without errors is making sure your balance sheet balances.

  • Assets, Liabilities and Shareholder Equity. We will make sure you understand what and where line items should go in the Balance Sheet
  • Understanding How Long Term Debt Integrates into the Balance Sheet

Discounted Cash Flow

The Valuation Used By Bankers. Learn to Become a Pro on What Will Be a Guaranteed Interview Question

Calculate the Free Cash Flow of a company's projections by utilizing the DCF valuation. This is the most commonly used and best way to determine an banker's knowledge about valuation.

Implied Stock Price

Learn the calculation to get to an implied stock price by using a discounted cash flow

EBITDA and Growth

Evaluate the multiples across an industry or other comparable companies that show similarities to the company being evaluated

Sensitivity Analysis

Using EBITDA multiplies and growth rates, find the terminal value and overall enterprise value of the company


After calculating the WACC, we will discount back the cash flows using WACC

Football Field

Learn to Create and Understand Different Valuations by Using the Football Field

A view of all valuations to determine an overall reasonable price to be paid or implied stock price for a stock

Stock Trading Price

52 week high and low stock price (if publicly traded)

Comparable Companies

A valuation technique using similar companies to compare and find a value for a specific company

Precedent Transaction

Analyzing past deal values that were similar to the company being evaluated


Using the implied stock price or EV/EBITDA multiplies by discounting back future cash flows

Valuation Analysis

Capital IQ

A tool used by all investment bankers. This is a very expensive subscription that some won't have.

Use Hotkeys to Speed Up Your Work

We Will Emphasis Using Hotkeys and Teach You How

One of the biggest tricks in banking is being efficient with your time. Hotkeys allow bankers to use their keyboard to execute functions without needing to always drag the mouse. This can save seconds which can add up to minutes and eventually hours over the course of a banker's career.

Visually Displayed During Lectures

The hotkeys that we will be using will be visually displayed on the screen for you to follow along

List of Hotkeys References

We supply you with a hotkeys references guide that you will learn to love

How Much Faster Are Hotkeys?

Watch the video above as as example of how much faster hotkeys can make you while using excel

Interview Question Preparation

When the Opportunity Arises, Make Sure You're Ready

Our program prepares you to compete at the highest level. Technical questions eliminate 80-90% of candidates in investment banking interviewers. You won't be one of them. You will be ready for any question about investment banking technicals that they ask because you took IB Edge. Be ready for questions about the bank, your interests, math questions and banking specifies so that you shine as a candidate.

Technical Finance Questions

Prepare for the complicated technical banking questions that are asked in an interview. These questions are used to weed out candidates (typically 80-90%)

Technical Math Questions

Questions will cover the math investment banking types of questions that will be asked during the interview

Fit Questions

Know what to say to questions that revolve around your reasons for choosing banking and personality fit

Interview Prep Guide

Complete our guide to over 200 interview questions that will make sure you're prepared and ready to land the job

Industry Groups

Learn about the companies that are covered in each industry group

Mergers & Acquisitions

Typically called the execution team of the investment bank,these bankers close deals that industry bankers set up by advising clients on strategic acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, hostile takeovers, buyouts and takeover defense


Consisting of companies relating to consumer products and retail, food and beverages, personal,care products, apparel, luxury goods


Consisting of companies relating to aerospace and defense, business, services, conglomerates, industrials, airlines, automotive, paper, packaging, shipping and logistics


Consisting of companies relating to technology, media and telecom industries, including numerous subsectors such as wireless/cellular, cable and software

Oil & Gas

Consisting of companies relating to energy, oil, natural gas and power


Consisting of companies relating to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and healthcare services